For a warranty replacement of the motor, within the first 12 months after purchase, the motor itself or the entire machine must be shipped at your expense, to the address of manufacturing, presently in Houston, Texas.

Most other parts on the Whole Body Vibrator are indestructible, under normal use.  But, within the first 5 years after purchase, if any defect occurs that isn’t due to misuse, please take a photo of the defect and email it to us to validate the replacement request.  The part must be returned to us, at your expense.  Upon receipt of the failed part, a replacement will be delivered to you, free of charge.

Caring For Stainless Steel: Stainless steel itself will not tarnish in our normal living environment, but very small contaminants can get stuck on the surface and make the steel look like it’s discolored.  This dirt is easily removed, but care must be taken if you don’t want to disturb the original brushed finish.  If the contaminants happen to include another type of metal that isn’t stainless, it can make the stainless steel look like it’s rusting.
Stainless steel is a particularly hard type of metal, but it’s certainly not scratch-proof.  The Whole Body Vibrator’s stainless steel platform will be delivered to you with a shiny “kitchen appliance” sort of finish.  But, in time, through normal use, eventually it will most likely accumulate scratches.  This is normal use.

Condition of the brushed finish: Slight defects in the finish are fairly common.  And they are very slight.  It’s next to impossible to avoid inflicting any imperfections during manufacturing.  This warranty does not imply or promise absolute perfection in the finish.  Nevertheless, The Whole Body Vibrator is BEAUTIFUL!

Exceptions: All warranty is void if the machine is operated without the “black box” attached to the motor.  DO NOT operate the machine without this protective shroud.  It surrounds the motor’s rotating mass, to prevent any possible accident such as:

  • a power cord getting wrapped up, and ripped out of the wall, and possibly electrically destroying the motor
  • an innocent hand or foot finding its way under the machine, while powered on.  This could end with as little as a bruise on a finger, or as miserably as a broken (and possibly shattered) wrist and/or other bones.
  • This is serious.  DO NOT operate the Whole Body Vibrator without the black box.

The stainless steel platform is indestructible under normal use, and therefore is not covered by the 5-year full replacement warranty.  This thick steel plate is very strong, but can be bent if someone intentionally tries to bend it.  If a user weighs 300 to 400 pounds and bounces their entire weight on the edge of platform, it may bend slightly, but this bending would not affect performance, and could be bent back into place if desired.  If that same large person bounces anywhere else but the edge, no bending can occur.  Note: jumping on the machine has no known therapeutic benefit. 🙂