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Pregnenolone Serenity

When I was stressed and depleted:

  • Whole Body Vibration reminded me how good “normal” used to feel.
  • Later, I discovered pregnenolone; and it restored my body’s ability to stay that way, all day long, every day.  Now “normal” feels better than ever.

Healing is a process of discovery.  The body heals itself, once you feed it what it needs.

“Pregnenolone” isn’t related to “pregnancy” 🙂

  • Pregnenolone is the building block from which all other steroid hormones are made.
  • Endogenously, pregnenolone is built from cholesterol.

Pregnenolone depletion, “pregnenolone steal“, “adrenal fatiguecan be synonymous with Sympathetic Nervous System Dominance or “Sympathetic Dominance”.  It’s an effect of:

  • sustained stress, over years or decades
  • carbohydrate-rich diet + circadian rhythm destruction = hormonal disaster
  • mineral deficiencies make this worse: iodine, magnesium, zinc, for example

Common symptoms:

  • “running on adrenaline”
  • lethargy, depression, light-headed or brain-fog a few hours after eating
  • waking up throughout the night: cortisol rhythm out-of-sync, trying to raise your blood-sugar at night.  This is usually because you’ve eaten too much sugar (too many carbs) in one sitting recently (in the previous day or two) which set off a blood-glucose roller-coaster that takes days to slow down.
  • Blood-sugar-high is followed by blood-sugar-low.  That’s the roller-coaster ride often associated with sympathetic dominance.  (Eating a large, high protein, high fat breakfast (zero carbs), can help reset your circadian cycles faster.   No lunch.  Just a fairly balanced dinner with minimal carbs.)
  • sometimes chronic stress is followed by a “bloated belly” as the result of sympathetic dominance impairing peristalsis, and causing SIBO; resulting in excess gut permeability or “leaky gut“, and then often autoimmune reactions to eating certain foods.  In this case, relaxation is the key to restoring healthy movement of the intestines, and gradually a healed gut, and a flat belly.

What Whole Body Vibration can do for you if you’re SNS-dominant, in need of forced relaxation:

  • Allow you to feel energy you haven’t felt in years.  Exhilarating energy, while perfectly calm.
  • It can be as thoroughly relaxing as a professional full-body massage; except you can do it every day, without going bankrupt.

What WBV can’t do is bring you to the next level of a serene “recharging” exhaustion.

  • In this case pregnenolone can do what The Whole Body Vibrator can’t.
  • They reinforce and complement each other.

Hormonal deficiencies can make you feel weak, depressed, “running on adrenaline”,

  • Restoring those hormones will allow you to feel exhausted in a good way, like you’re finally “recharging”

Enable your body to turn off SNS-Dominance, to allow the Para-Sympathetic nervous system to take over, as it should, every day.  This is a healthy cycle.  When this happens, you’ll understand what recharging exhaustion feels like:

  • It’s an effortless silence of mind.
  • It’s a calm body, not weak, not sleepy, just completely at rest.
  • You might feel like you’ve just walked down from a volcano on Bali, staring at the beach… Exhausted, serene, at peace.  In paradise.  But you’re just at home, in the land of the free and the brave (or the enslaved and the cowardly, these days)
  • But the stresses of daily life won’t matter.  Your body is at peace.  You need this.

Try pregnenolone.  100mg capsules are common.


  • At first, you may “feel kind of invincible” with only 100mg, taken in the morning, on an empty stomach.
  • Later, it may take 500mg or a whole gram of Pregnenolone to make you feel so good.
  • I recommend the smallest dose that helps relieve SNS-Dominance symptoms.  It’s an n=1 experiment.

“Pregnenolone Steal” is a complex phenomenon that can be caused by one or more of a doze or so metabolic issues.  Taking pregnenolone, for a sufficient time, can help relieve these symptoms long enough for your body to recover, and then no longer need exogenous support to feel great every day.

  • Like any serious medical problem, endocrine-system problems may require a medical doctor who is educated in health (not just disease management) and lots of blood analysis.
  • Or, perhaps experimenting on your own with supplementing all the right minerals may be all you need.

Pregnenolone could heal you.  the whole body vibrator

The Whole Body Vibrator can restore your motivation to get healed, by reminding you how good it is to feel good.


Mercola’s Power Plate – Overpriced & Oversold

power-plate2Mercola.com sells a whole body vibration machine called “Power Plate,” which may be top of the line in bells and whistles; but basically these useless extras are adding several thousand dollars to the price, and no real benefit.

Dr. Mercola is a wonderful wizard of getting beneficial nutrition information out to a large audience — helping people.  That’s admirable.  But selling overpriced, gimmicky products like the “Power Plate” is not.

Mercola’s Claims:

Weight loss: “How Whole Body Vibrational Training Tackles ‘Belly’ or Abdominal Fat”
  • Mercola.com cites “A recent human study of 79 obese adults” as evidence that this claim is worth betting your money on.  That may be true; but medical “studies” are simply not reliable.
Cellulite: “Is Acceleration Training the Newest Way to Help Beat Cellulite?”
  • Mercola.com cites “a 2004 German study” as evidence that this claim is pure veritas.
Vibration:  “Power Plate’s Patented 2-Motor Systems Truly Delivers a 3-D Workout”
  • The “tri-planar” idea is purely marketing.  The work that causes WBV-effects is done on your body in the vertical direction, not in either horizontal direction.
Machine: “Power Plate’s Patented 2-Motor Systems Truly Delivers a 3-D Workout”
  •  BUT WHAT IS A “3-D workout”?!!!
  • Okay, the Power Plate vibrates in 3 dimensions.  In that context, The Whole Body Vibrator vibrates in 2 dimensions…  Does this matter at all?
  • No, it’s vertical vibration that matters.  If vertical vibration were removed, leaving only horizontal movements of the plate, you’d feel next-to-nothing.  No affect on fluid circulation,  no affect on muscle contractions, etc.  That’s not WBV.  Horizontal vibrations are not important.
Warranty: “With Power Plate, you Know they’ll be there”
  • Nobody knows the future.  This is insulting to anyone shopping for a fair value.

… Sensational claims like these are how to “oversell” a vibration machine.  Shady promises; sexy photos, and an inflated price.



  • Because it’s sold by a large company, which has large marketing costs that must be covered by higher prices; and many people to pay, to keep Mercola.com operating.
  • The “Power Plate” has been dressed up with every fancy gimmick to appeal to a mass audience.

Yes.  But also…

  • Weighing about 50 pounds, the Whole Body Vibrator can be moved easily.   The lightest version of the Power Plate is 125 pounds.  Not fun to move around.
  • The Whole Body Vibrator requires NO ASSEMBLY AT ALL. Open the box, unwrap it, plug it in, push a button to start: Pure Enjoyment.

WBV IS RELAXING, but what if your machine will not stay on longer that 60 seconds?!

  • the Power Plate will NOT work for longer than 30 or 60 seconds at a time.
  • This was probably done in order to meet a misguided requirement for “certification” by “MDD” i.e., European Medical Device Directive.  See Vibration Safety.
  • The Whole Body Vibrator does not claim any medical benefit.  It is not certified.  Relaxation is a subjective claim; but sure enough, when you’re relaxed, you don’t want that serene feeling to SHUT DOWN every 60 seconds – that might turn your relaxation into frustration.

Mercola & the Power Plate: Sensational claims & a sensationally high price.whole body vibration machine 1

The Whole Body Vibrator: Factual claims & a reasonable price.

The Whole Body Vibrator is all business, no BS.


Vibration Safety

There’s an International Standards Organization chart (from ISO-2631) dealing with vibration safety in chronic exposure, but it does not specify displacement:
ISO-2631Is it simply a bureaucratic error, that this chart does not explicitly or implicitly refer to a displacement?  Read below to understand why it is true that without displacement, this chart is entirely useless.

Safety is about a machine’s impact (or “impulse“) on you.

With very little movement of its stainless steel platform, The Whole Body Vibrator has much less “impact” on your body than machines that are often compared to WBV, where safety is concerned:

  • riding on an old, bumpy train every day, while sitting in a seat without padding
  • operating a jack hammer
  • driving a tractor without a comfortable, isolated, padded seat… etc…

Imagine standing in an elevator.  You feel the acceleration when it starts.  That’s work being done on you; but the acceleration is very low, so you don’t feel much “impact”.

Work  =  Force  x  Distance

An elevator accelerates slowly (the force on you is low), but you move very far, so the elevator does a lot of work on your body.  But the total work done to lift you up a floor or more, is elapsed over a long period of time.  Thus the “impact” is very low:

Work done, in a short period of time, is a high impact.
The same work done, in a long period of time, is a low impact.

The Whole Body Vibrator, puts more force on you than an elevator, but its stainless steel platform moves only a very small distance.  Thus a Linear WBV machine does relatively little work on your body.

However, this little bit of work is done in a very short period of time — making a “high impact” possible.  But the fact remains that the distance is very small, and the force is carefully designed so that the total impact on you is not comparable to a jack hammer or sitting on a steam-punk locomotive without a padded seat.


Imagine standing on a WBV machine that was somehow built to move up 1 foot and down 1 foot, at 30Hz (30 times per second , the same as in the Whole Body Vibrator).  You wouldn’t need to know what “acceleration” is for this 1-foot monster machine.  Just seeing it in motion you’d understand that it’s very dangerous.  It moves very fast, to travel back and forth 30 times per second.

The Whole Body Vibrator’s platform doesn’t have to move as fast, to travel a tiny distance 30 times per second.   It moves less than 0.05″ inches up and 0.05″ down.  With that very low displacement it would take a much higher acceleration to have a harmful affect.  This is described by the graphic of “G’s” on the Performance Data page.


With all that said, The Whole Body Vibrator could be dangerous for a person weighing less than 100 pounds:

  • If you weigh under 100 pounds, the acceleration can exceed the suggested 7 G’s “comfort limit”.
  • You are responsible for discerning whether an impact is detrimentally “jarring” on your body, as described in the “G’s” graphic on the Performance Data page.
  • “Ask your doctor” is a disclaimer here.  But that may not be worth your time.  Most doctor’s know very little about health.


Holding a jack hammer, riding on a tractor, bumpy train, etc.  Vibration from these machines means a significant distance, and they move very fast.  That combination has a “jarring” affect on the body, and recurring exposure to that sort of vibration is dangerous.

the whole body vibrator

What Whole Body Vibration does BEST

SUPERCHARGES blood and lymph flow throughout the body.
Depending on the machine you use, it can do this very well.
Making you feel great is what linear whole body vibration does best.

Yes.  This is the most well-established medical effect of whole body vibration.
Sanitariums, Cosmonauts, NASA, Athletes, etc.  For most people, bone density isn’t a priority; however maintaining bone density may be essential to slow that part of the aging process, to keep you looking years younger than you are.

Probably not, directly.  Perhaps if someone has gained weight as a direct result of poor lymph flow, then WBV might directly result in some excess body fat being lost.

Excess weight gain is a endocrine system issue.

  • Most people are deficient in iodine; and are bombarded by “endocrine disrupting” toxins in low-quality food and water.
  • A “low fat” diet keeps people fat.  Eating high-quality fat from fish and grass-fed cows (butter!) is a much bigger part of the solution than ANY exercise machine or weight-loss gimmick.

For people who aren’t overweight, but have some sagging areas here and there, Linear WBV does cause a visible firming effect, pretty much all over the body.  For most people, this effect is obvious and nearly immediate.

There’s no proof that WBV can keep your body looking and feeling younger, for longer; but anything that makes you feel this good, and shows immediate physical results without stressful or harmful exercise, is a smart move.
Isn’t “smart” just doing more of what’s good for you, and less of what’s bad (or just less efficient at doing good)?

Depends on your purpose; but generally not a replacement.  More of an 80-20 relationship: A little time for a vibration session.  A lot less time walking, aerobic activity, etc.
Strength training? Try training during a WBV session, rather than separately.  See how this improves your results!

This is a common claim from athletes and trainers.  Many trainers rave about this benefit from WBV; but recovery time depends most on what you’re eating (plus optimized sleep).  Get plenty of collagen, vitamin-c, creatine, glutathione, while avoiding inflammatory foods and toxins.  WBV could further reduce recovery time, once you’re in that zone.  Try and see for yourself:  “n = 1” experiments are what personal progress is made of.