Stubborn Belly Fat

Can Whole Body Vibration reduce or totally eradicate your stubborn belly fat?

I wish WBV had magically vibrated-off my few pounds of stubborn belly fat.  But no.

What has worked for me is Carnitine.

Belly Fat – Acetyl-L-Carnitine

A lot of fitness fanatics, take large doses of Acetyl-L-Carnitine… 20grams or more, per day.carnitine

  • But for significant excess fat, not just a few pounds of stubborn belly fat, ALCAR is not a solution.  Instead, look into supplementing with iodine, increasing leptin sensitivity, thyroid issues, general endocrine issues.


For me, a mere 5grams per day makes a BIG difference.  I’m talking 6-pack REVEALED, where before my “abs” were buried under a layer of this stubborn blubber.

Belly Fat – Lipoic Acid

Along with the ALCAR, I take Reduced Alpha Lipoic Acid, “R-ALA”.lipoic-acid

  • This is a typical recommendation to reduce possible “ROS” reactive oxygen species caused by ingesting unnatural amounts of carnitine.  An 8oz steak has around 200mg of L-Carnitine.
  • I take 100mg of R-ALA, per 2.5 grams of ALCAR.

I DON’T think Whole Body Vibration has much effect on stubborn belly fat.

I DO think Whole Body Vibration is an extremely motivational experience.  As I’ve said before, The Whole Body Vibrator “makes you feel freaking GREAT.”  This is externally FORCED motivation.

  • WBV probably won’t cause weight loss, directly.
  • WBV will help you to feel motivated to take control of your life.  You’ll want to keep feeling this good.  That’s motivation, not “will power”.  Will power doesn’t work.

The Whole Body Vibrator can be an investment in motivation.

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