Skin Health – Top 3 Supplements

What makes a supplement good for your skin?  HYDRATION EFFECT.


How do you know if a supplement is working?  HYDRATION EFFECT.
  • Take a supplement you expect to improve skin hydration.
  • If your skin feels hydrated (especially smooth) within 1 to 12 hours, then it’s working.
  • Consistent hydration effect.  Use after use; day after day.  That’s what these do:
1.  Hyaluronic Acid  (wikipedia, Hyaluronan)jarrow-hyaluronic-acid
  • Commonly prescribed for joint pains – because it works nearly instantly for systemic joint lubrication (relieving tendonosis pain, for example).
  • But it’s also the best skin hydrating supplement I’ve found.  I experience a surge of skin hydration within 2 hours of taking a typical dose of 100mg.
  • Be careful with a topical, liquid form.  Hyaluronic acid can dry your skin out, if it’s too concentrated when applied directly onto your skin.


2. Bioavailable Silica (wikipedia, Choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid)jarrow-silica-liquid
  • I prefer the liquid form.  Use topically; mixed in water; or fit 25-ish drops into an empty 00-size capsule.
  • I usually “man mix it” with some San Pellegrino or Gerolsteiner mineral water, and squeeze 20 to 30 drops from the Jarrow bottle. Tastes bad on its own, but adds a pleasant flavor when mixed with carbonated water.jarrow-silica-capsles
  • “Horsetail” supplements contain silica, but not a magically “active” form as in JarroSil or BioSil.  You won’t feel a massive skin hydrating effect from horsetail.


3.  Salt.  Yes, salt…
  • Too much salt will dehydrate you.  But most people are salt-ancientdeficient in REAL SALT:  Ancient mineral salt.
  • Ever get chapped lips?  9 times out of 10, that’s due to salt deficiency.  Gobble a 1/2 teaspoon of good salt, in water, and chapped lips disappear.
  • I usually buy in bulk from The Spice Lab.
  • I prefer ancient salt, rather than sea salt.  Oceans are too polluted.
  • Beware of imitation salt.  You don’t want colored sodium-chloride.  You want ancient crystal salt from underneath mountains or dead seas.
  • Most often “Himalayan salt” is from Pakistan.  Nothing wrong with that.



WHAT ELSE? Collagen.  From grass-fed cows.  It’s actually scrubbed from the inside of cowhide, oddly enough.  It’s cow skin, basically.

  • Mix the powder in hot water (collagen is heat stable).  Drink.  To improve the taste, you might add cinnamon powder, and even Xylitol (from birch bark).
  • It’s commonly claimed that collagen needs Vitamin-C to be utilized.
  • Try this:  2 tablespoons of collagen powder (in warm water), plus 2-to-4 grams ascorbic acid (in capsules), on an empty stomach in the morning, or before bed.


MSM (wikipedia, Methylsulfonylmethane)Jarrow MSM

  • Helps retain skin hydration.
  • Probably the most well-known skin & joint supplement.
  • Basically it’s a secondary supplement, to improve the effects of the top three above.


TOPICAL? Avocado oil.

    • Has a long-lasting hydrating / healing / smoothing-out wrinkles effect.
    • Absorbs very well into skin – better than olive oil.  Coconut oil, for example, absorbs very poorly.
    • I use an organic, unrefined avocado oil from Mountain Rose Herbs (often sold out).
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