Mercola’s Power Plate – Overpriced & Oversold

power-plate2Mercola.com sells a whole body vibration machine called “Power Plate,” which may be top of the line in bells and whistles; but basically these useless extras are adding several thousand dollars to the price, and no real benefit.

Dr. Mercola is a wonderful wizard of getting beneficial nutrition information out to a large audience — helping people.  That’s admirable.  But selling overpriced, gimmicky products like the “Power Plate” is not.

Mercola’s Claims:

Weight loss: “How Whole Body Vibrational Training Tackles ‘Belly’ or Abdominal Fat”
  • Mercola.com cites “A recent human study of 79 obese adults” as evidence that this claim is worth betting your money on.  That may be true; but medical “studies” are simply not reliable.
Cellulite: “Is Acceleration Training the Newest Way to Help Beat Cellulite?”
  • Mercola.com cites “a 2004 German study” as evidence that this claim is pure veritas.
Vibration:  “Power Plate’s Patented 2-Motor Systems Truly Delivers a 3-D Workout”
  • The “tri-planar” idea is purely marketing.  The work that causes WBV-effects is done on your body in the vertical direction, not in either horizontal direction.
Machine: “Power Plate’s Patented 2-Motor Systems Truly Delivers a 3-D Workout”
  •  BUT WHAT IS A “3-D workout”?!!!
  • Okay, the Power Plate vibrates in 3 dimensions.  In that context, The Whole Body Vibrator vibrates in 2 dimensions…  Does this matter at all?
  • No, it’s vertical vibration that matters.  If vertical vibration were removed, leaving only horizontal movements of the plate, you’d feel next-to-nothing.  No affect on fluid circulation,  no affect on muscle contractions, etc.  That’s not WBV.  Horizontal vibrations are not important.
Warranty: “With Power Plate, you Know they’ll be there”
  • Nobody knows the future.  This is insulting to anyone shopping for a fair value.

… Sensational claims like these are how to “oversell” a vibration machine.  Shady promises; sexy photos, and an inflated price.



  • Because it’s sold by a large company, which has large marketing costs that must be covered by higher prices; and many people to pay, to keep Mercola.com operating.
  • The “Power Plate” has been dressed up with every fancy gimmick to appeal to a mass audience.

Yes.  But also…

  • Weighing about 50 pounds, the Whole Body Vibrator can be moved easily.   The lightest version of the Power Plate is 125 pounds.  Not fun to move around.
  • The Whole Body Vibrator requires NO ASSEMBLY AT ALL. Open the box, unwrap it, plug it in, push a button to start: Pure Enjoyment.

WBV IS RELAXING, but what if your machine will not stay on longer that 60 seconds?!

  • the Power Plate will NOT work for longer than 30 or 60 seconds at a time.
  • This was probably done in order to meet a misguided requirement for “certification” by “MDD” i.e., European Medical Device Directive.  See Vibration Safety.
  • The Whole Body Vibrator does not claim any medical benefit.  It is not certified.  Relaxation is a subjective claim; but sure enough, when you’re relaxed, you don’t want that serene feeling to SHUT DOWN every 60 seconds – that might turn your relaxation into frustration.

Mercola & the Power Plate: Sensational claims & a sensationally high price.whole body vibration machine 1

The Whole Body Vibrator: Factual claims & a reasonable price.

The Whole Body Vibrator is all business, no BS.

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