Hypothyroid Energy Boost

A primary hypothyroid symptom is lethargy, or merely a general lack of energy compared to how you felt as a kid.  It’s common, but it’s not natural to us.  Never mind your age.  We should all be bursting with energy.

Do you get cold feet?  Chilled after eating?  Often feel “it’s too cold” when others are comfortable?  Try these supplements:

Nascent Iodine

  • nascent iodine Basically “nascent” iodine is colloidal or “nano” iodine.  It’s more bioavailable than other “bound” forms.
  • “Lugol’s Iodine” is potassium iodide.  It’s less available to be converted into thyroid hormones.
  • Many people suffer from irritability after applying even 1 drop of Lugol’s to their skin, or drinking 1 drop of Lugol’s in water.  Taking selenium with Lugol’s will reduce that effect.
  • But “nascent” iodine is less likely to cause irritability.  Sufficient selenium is still important, when supplementing iodine.



  • An important supporting supplement (wikipedia: selenocysteine)
  • Selenium deficiency can increase the hypothyroid effects of iodine deficiency.
  • Selenium might be called “the happy mineral”, perhaps because of its synergistic boost to thyroid function, or its role in building glutathione peroxidase.
  • For more info on selenium, visit


Adrenal Cortex Extractadrenal-cortex

  • This will warm your feet up.  Regularly taking this supplement isn’t a cure for hypothyroidism, but it helps.
  • “Adrenal cortex” is more concentrated than a regular dessicated adrenal tablet of the entire bovine adrenal gland.  It’s a better value.
  • If adrenal cortex causes irritability, you’re deficient in selenium.




  • A can of these low-toxin “brisling sardines” can have nearly the same energy-boost effect as one “dropper full” of the nascent iodine above.  This is probably due to a similar effective dose of bioavailable iodine from these tasty little fishes.
  • Don’t buy sardines in “tomato” or “mustard” sauce.  These are common allergens, for people with thyroid issues.  If your gut is sensitive to these, hypothyroid symptoms can cascade.
  • Beware of high-toxin canned fish like King Mackerel.  Brisling sardines, caught in the North Atlantic (closer to Norway than the US coast), are the only canned food I recommend.


The Whole Body Vibratorthe whle body vibrator

  • Not just a sales-pitch.  A WBV session really can release the same sort of explosion of energy that a dose of nascent iodine can do for a hypothyroid sufferer.
  • I don’t comprehend how WBV does this.  Medical studies would be required to make any educated guess.  But it works.
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