Foot Pads? “Kenrico” Detox.

Ever heard of a “foot pad” detox? kenrico-gold
Try it.  Put it on before you go to bed.  Most likely, you WILL sleep deeper, and feel better than usual in the morning.

This is not about “reflexology” or traditional Chinese medicine.  It just works.

Kenrico “Gold” is the foot pad I use.  Kenrico makes many recipes of “detox pads” or “sap sheets”, but this one has the greatest effect in my experience.

This foot pad’s primary ingredients are a mineral called “tourmaline”, and vinegar.  It’s powder in a “gold” pouch.  One side is foil, and the other side (that contacts your foot) is basically medical gauze.  It comes with a separate medical-grade adhesive patch, and looks like this when applied:
kenrico-patchHere are the ingredients, ordered by weight:
Tourmaline 6.00 grams
Wood Vinegar 1.00 grams, Bamboo Vinegar 0.60 grams
Sporopollenin 0.44 grams — see Kenrico’s claims on sporopollenin
Vegetable fiber 0.20 grams Dextrin 0.10 grams
Chitosan (organic mushroom chitosan) 0.04 grams
Loquat Leaf 0.04 grams
Houttuynia Cordata 0.04 grams
Vitamin C 0.04 grams

Your feet aren’t sweating while you sleep; but by the time you wake up, the dry powder in the pad will have turned to a gooey, sticky brown paste (trapped in the pouch, not getting on your sheets).  It’s soaked a small amount of water out of the soles of your feet.  If there is a real “detox” effect, that’s at least partly how it happens.

  • I don’t know how it works.
  • I suspect that the effect is mostly from the very finely powdered Tourmaline, which you will smell when you open the plastic package.  Tourmaline is discussed in detail at “Global Healing Center” which makes above-top-tier products, even though there are some very specific and hardly provable claims.
  • I don’t get into specific claims on what tourmaline can do.  When I first tried this foot pad several years ago, It had an extremely relaxing effect on me, first by just smelling it, and then much more during sleep and when I woke up.  So I looked into what was in it:  Tourmaline.  Not a placebo.
  • The “silver” pad and other flavors, did less, or nothing for me.

Just try it.  It’s like 25-bucks on for a pack of 10 pairs.

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