Who’s building this machine?  Me.  My name is Sean Gum (that might sound like a fake name—it’s not).  I’m a full-time mechanical engineer.  This machine, as simple as it may appear now, is the conclusion of nearly two years of brainstorming and experimenting on how to build a better performing, prettier, and less expensive WBV machine.

I’m also a “health nut”, so my blog posts here are mostly unrelated to WBV technology, since vibration is only one part of a “live healthier, longer” pursuit.  My Priorities:

  • Give the body what it needs to heal itself, and thrive.  But what are those things?  It’s a journey to discover this for yourself.  Your body’s deficiencies and weaknesses are unique.  Hopefully my blog posts can help.
  • Take whatever herbs, minerals, hormones, vitamins you need to… to reduce stress.
  • Disease starts in the gut, and chronic (emotional) “stress” usually damages the gut before anything else.

… It’s still not “cheap” … but this machine is worth it.  I paid more for my first WBV machine; and wondered if it was worth it while I was stepping onto that loud beast, for the first time… a few seconds later these are the words that went through my head, “wooooow, I should have bought this a year ago, for even three-times the price.”