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Stubborn Belly Fat

Can Whole Body Vibration reduce or totally eradicate your stubborn belly fat?

I wish WBV had magically vibrated-off my few pounds of stubborn belly fat.  But no.

What has worked for me is Carnitine.

Belly Fat – Acetyl-L-Carnitine

A lot of fitness fanatics, take large doses of Acetyl-L-Carnitine… 20grams or more, per day.carnitine

  • But for significant excess fat, not just a few pounds of stubborn belly fat, ALCAR is not a solution.  Instead, look into supplementing with iodine, increasing leptin sensitivity, thyroid issues, general endocrine issues.


For me, a mere 5grams per day makes a BIG difference.  I’m talking 6-pack REVEALED, where before my “abs” were buried under a layer of this stubborn blubber.

Belly Fat – Lipoic Acid

Along with the ALCAR, I take Reduced Alpha Lipoic Acid, “R-ALA”.lipoic-acid

  • This is a typical recommendation to reduce possible “ROS” reactive oxygen species caused by ingesting unnatural amounts of carnitine.  An 8oz steak has around 200mg of L-Carnitine.
  • I take 100mg of R-ALA, per 2.5 grams of ALCAR.

I DON’T think Whole Body Vibration has much effect on stubborn belly fat.

I DO think Whole Body Vibration is an extremely motivational experience.  As I’ve said before, The Whole Body Vibrator “makes you feel freaking GREAT.”  This is externally FORCED motivation.

  • WBV probably won’t cause weight loss, directly.
  • WBV will help you to feel motivated to take control of your life.  You’ll want to keep feeling this good.  That’s motivation, not “will power”.  Will power doesn’t work.

The Whole Body Vibrator can be an investment in motivation.


MitoQ Works Better When…

So you bought a bottle infused with this fancy molecule called MitoQ…  But will it work?

You want to get the best results possible, so prepare your skin to absorb this expensive stuff: Wash With Charcoal Powder

MitoQDon’t just wash and lightly scrub your skin with a towel before rubbing in charcoal-bulletproofthis expensive goo.  First use charcoal powder, to pull away dirt, oils, and dead skin that’s otherwise going to stand in the way between your live skin cells and the magic of MitoQ.

—Lightly scrub a capsule-full of coconut charcoal over your face, with just enough water involved to make the charcoal stick
—Let the damp charcoal sludge dry out.
—Wash with a towel and soapy, warm water.
—When the skin is dry, massage-in a generous blob of charcoal-powderthis fancy yellowish goo called “MitoQ”.

I figure it’s best to apply this stuff after a shower in the evening.  Then perhaps re-apply (without washing the skin again) right before bed.  Charcoal scrub >> shower >> MitoQ.

What is MitoQ?

Mitoq_structureHere’s a quick summary, from this article at

At the Second SENS conference in 2004, I sidled up to an expert whom I respected and asked, “What’s the optimal dose of CoQ10?”  He laughed and asked, in reply, “How much can you afford?”

But eating ubiquinone doesn’t work very well.  It is poorly absorbed in the digestive tract (the molecular variant called ubiquinol is supposed to mitigate this problem), little of it makes it into the blood stream, less into the cells, and a pittance to the mitochondria where it is needed.

…Targeting worked amazingly well, with virtually all of the Mito-Q molecules finding their way to the mitochondria. This means that very low doses can result in very high effectiveness.

Anything with a positive charge is drawn into the mitochondria, and if it’s not a proton, it won’t be pumped right back out again.  Murphy and Smith were inspired to create a molecule that combined ubiquinone at one end with a chemical tugboat at the other [this is MitoQ]…  The chemical “tugboat”, called TPP for tri-phenyl phosphonium, had been developed 25 years earlier in the Moscow State University lab of Vladimir Skulachev.

Skulachev, who had pioneered the early work on the right-hand part of the molecule, picked up this thread early on, and has sponsored much of the research that has demonstrated the rejuvenating potential of the molecule.  The molecular tugboat is known as a “Skulachev ion”, and a similar molecule to MitoQ has been dubbed “SkQ” and explored in Russian experiments.

Last year, a New Zealand company completed licensing requirements and created a manufacturing facility, and MitoQ is now available by order on the Internet for delivery worldwide.  The product was first announced at the A4M annual showcase meeting in November.  A year earlier, Skulachev’s company had begun to sell SkQ as eyedrops, available thus far only in Russia.  Skulachev’s group has long-term plans to develop the product for other uses as well, and to obtain licensing in Europe and America.

Skulachev is using a variant of the Mito-Q molecule based on plastoquinone rather than ubiquinone.  Plastoquinone is the equivalent of ubiquinone in green plants, and Skulachev reports that there is a wider range of effective dosage for plastoquinone compared to ubiquinone.  Scientists at MitoQ disagree that plastoquinone is better.

How can Whole Body Vibration possibly keep me looking younger?

More than aging skin, an “old face” is caused by bone erosion. The structure of your face changes as bone-density declines with age, and your skull structure basically erodes.

Whole body vibration increases bone density. Fact. That’s why USSR and USSA (formerly “USA”) astronauts have used WBV for decades now.

If increasing and maintaining bone density into old age, also prevents bone erosion, then WBV is a smart investment.the whole body vibrator

I’m no doctor, but this seems very reasonable. Cause-and-effect. But that’s a far-sighted goal to have, and not what motivates anyone to spend minutes every day standing on a vibration platform.

We do it because it feels freaking great.

Read more on the relationship between skin & bone structure


Pregnenolone Serenity

When I was stressed and depleted:

  • Whole Body Vibration reminded me how good “normal” used to feel.
  • Later, I discovered pregnenolone; and it restored my body’s ability to stay that way, all day long, every day.  Now “normal” feels better than ever.

Healing is a process of discovery.  The body heals itself, once you feed it what it needs.

“Pregnenolone” isn’t related to “pregnancy” 🙂

  • Pregnenolone is the building block from which all other steroid hormones are made.
  • Endogenously, pregnenolone is built from cholesterol.

Pregnenolone depletion, “pregnenolone steal“, “adrenal fatiguecan be synonymous with Sympathetic Nervous System Dominance or “Sympathetic Dominance”.  It’s an effect of:

  • sustained stress, over years or decades
  • carbohydrate-rich diet + circadian rhythm destruction = hormonal disaster
  • mineral deficiencies make this worse: iodine, magnesium, zinc, for example

Common symptoms:

  • “running on adrenaline”
  • lethargy, depression, light-headed or brain-fog a few hours after eating
  • waking up throughout the night: cortisol rhythm out-of-sync, trying to raise your blood-sugar at night.  This is usually because you’ve eaten too much sugar (too many carbs) in one sitting recently (in the previous day or two) which set off a blood-glucose roller-coaster that takes days to slow down.
  • Blood-sugar-high is followed by blood-sugar-low.  That’s the roller-coaster ride often associated with sympathetic dominance.  (Eating a large, high protein, high fat breakfast (zero carbs), can help reset your circadian cycles faster.   No lunch.  Just a fairly balanced dinner with minimal carbs.)
  • sometimes chronic stress is followed by a “bloated belly” as the result of sympathetic dominance impairing peristalsis, and causing SIBO; resulting in excess gut permeability or “leaky gut“, and then often autoimmune reactions to eating certain foods.  In this case, relaxation is the key to restoring healthy movement of the intestines, and gradually a healed gut, and a flat belly.

What Whole Body Vibration can do for you if you’re SNS-dominant, in need of forced relaxation:

  • Allow you to feel energy you haven’t felt in years.  Exhilarating energy, while perfectly calm.
  • It can be as thoroughly relaxing as a professional full-body massage; except you can do it every day, without going bankrupt.

What WBV can’t do is bring you to the next level of a serene “recharging” exhaustion.

  • In this case pregnenolone can do what The Whole Body Vibrator can’t.
  • They reinforce and complement each other.

Hormonal deficiencies can make you feel weak, depressed, “running on adrenaline”,

  • Restoring those hormones will allow you to feel exhausted in a good way, like you’re finally “recharging”

Enable your body to turn off SNS-Dominance, to allow the Para-Sympathetic nervous system to take over, as it should, every day.  This is a healthy cycle.  When this happens, you’ll understand what recharging exhaustion feels like:

  • It’s an effortless silence of mind.
  • It’s a calm body, not weak, not sleepy, just completely at rest.
  • You might feel like you’ve just walked down from a volcano on Bali, staring at the beach… Exhausted, serene, at peace.  In paradise.  But you’re just at home, in the land of the free and the brave (or the enslaved and the cowardly, these days)
  • But the stresses of daily life won’t matter.  Your body is at peace.  You need this.

Try pregnenolone.  100mg capsules are common.


  • At first, you may “feel kind of invincible” with only 100mg, taken in the morning, on an empty stomach.
  • Later, it may take 500mg or a whole gram of Pregnenolone to make you feel so good.
  • I recommend the smallest dose that helps relieve SNS-Dominance symptoms.  It’s an n=1 experiment.

“Pregnenolone Steal” is a complex phenomenon that can be caused by one or more of a doze or so metabolic issues.  Taking pregnenolone, for a sufficient time, can help relieve these symptoms long enough for your body to recover, and then no longer need exogenous support to feel great every day.

  • Like any serious medical problem, endocrine-system problems may require a medical doctor who is educated in health (not just disease management) and lots of blood analysis.
  • Or, perhaps experimenting on your own with supplementing all the right minerals may be all you need.

Pregnenolone could heal you.  the whole body vibrator

The Whole Body Vibrator can restore your motivation to get healed, by reminding you how good it is to feel good.