This machine sells itself — but only if you could physically stand on one right now.
Looking at it online, is less convincing.   Here’s  a  more  thorough  video demonstration  of a similar machine; yet the most convincing reason a linear whole-body-vibration machine is worth the money is something that can’t be shown… It has to be experienced.  It’s the way it makes you feel.  Pictures, videos, sensational claims can’t communicate it.  But here’s my best attempt at describing what it feels like:

So you’re standing on this vibrating steel plate for the first time…What does it feel like?

  • You step both feet onto it.  It’s overwhelming at first.  Very intense.
  • You’re surprised this intensity doesn’t seem like it will give you a headache or upset your stomach.  After that first moment, your body realizes this experience isn’t a danger, and the initial overwhelm dissolves into deep relaxation.  Your body seems to know what to do: automatically, you take a deep breath and exhale slowly.
  • You stretch your back, neck, shoulders, arms.  You discover that the vibration intensity focuses into different areas of your body as you move:  lower-back, upper-back, shoulders, neck, head, chest, core…  Your body is a tuning fork.
  • Learning to control this tuning effect is effortless:  natural, slight movements in your knees, spine, and neck, to either distribute the vibration evenly over your entire body, or focus it mostly in one area.
  • Like a professional full-body massage, this can be so consuming that time disappears: “Wow, fifteen minutes already!?…felt like only five.”
  • Time’s up.  The motor stops spinning.  The sudden absence of vibration reveals the best experience yet:  a surge of circulation, even a slight tingling sensation all over, from your toes to your scalp, which isn’t noticeable while the machine is on.  This circulation surge takes about 5 minutes to fully develop.  The longer you use the machine, the more amazing this sudden contrast will feel.  It’s kind of a floating sensation.  If falling onto a cloud were possible, this is what it would feel like.
  • This sensation is your blood and lymph fluids flowing in a revitalizing symphony.  The closest thing to this might be jogging for a mile, then abruptly stopping and everything’s “flowing” ‒ you’re more energized now than when you started.  But unlike jogging, after a whole-body vibration session, rather than breathing harder, you feel less of a need to breathe, or like you don’t need to breathe at all…

Can oxygen utilization be so improved that at the end of a session, you stand there, motionless, feeling fully recharged: “…whoa…I don’t even need to breathe…”


Can this surge of circulation make you feel like jumping and sprinting in mindless obedience to an eruption of energy, like a kid on a sugar-high…

Can some muscles become stronger and visibly larger from only one vibration session per day for a few days in a row…

Can your number of reps-to-fatigue increase while strength training during a vibe session?  Yes, to all of the above.

A Whole Body Vibrator session can be a kind of meditation.  Because it’s so intensely relaxing, it has a way of clearing your mind, whether you had any desire to “meditate” or couldn’t care less about such a thing.

It’s a sort of forced-mediation, requiring no inclination toward mental clarity.  Like any real medicine: you get the benefit whether you expected it or not.  This aspect of WBV, more than any other benefit, is what inspired me to set out on a journey to build a better machine.  Whole-body vibration is an experience everyone on the planet should know.

The Whole Body Vibrator is engineered to outperform all competing devices:
Lower cost ‒ simple design, with durable, high-quality materials.
Performance ‒ vibration intensity is comparable to much heavier and more expensive machines, yet The Whole Body Vibrator is exceptionally monotone, or pleasant sounding.  This is achieved by a clever mechanism that isolates the entire structure, in the same way that some buildings are isolated for earthquake protection.
Stainless ‒ no paint or any coatings to wear down or chip off.  And because the entire platform is an electrical conductor (304 or “18/8 food grade” stainless steel), The Whole Body Vibrator can be used as a grounding or “earthing” surface.  You can easily combine the real benefits of earth-grounding with your WBV sessions.
Portable ‒ weighs only 49 pounds.  Because of the relatively light weight, if you step completely off while the motor’s running, the machine will slightly bounce itself and slowly drift around on a smooth floor.  The platform legs serve as handles, allowing you to bring the mass of the machine against your chest, making it easier to carry, when necessary.
Convenient ‒ a push-button timer switch with LED indicators allows you to turn off the machine at any time, or increase or decrease the session time.


A solid, brushed stainless steel plate. No handle bars to get in the way.

  • Many high-end machines have support rails, about three feet tall. But handle bars can be a burden: limiting motion, feeling constraining.
  • Whole Body Vibration should be a relaxing, freeing experience. Linear WBV is low-displacement, so you don’t need handle bars like with pivotal machines.
  • WBV improves balance, but only if you aren’t depending on anything for support.

No digital electronic control panel and annoying (stressful) beeping noises.

Dimensions:  24 inches square, 7 inches high
Structure:  304 Stainless Steel
Weight:  49 pounds
Motor:  approximately 30Hertz or 1800RPM;  1/4HP from a 120VAC 60Hz outlet. Industrial quality, suitable for household daily use or fitness center continuous use.
Vibration Intensity:  4.5 to 7g’s depending on user’s weight.  See accelerometer charts.
Displacement:  up to 0.1 inches peak-to-peak (2mm), depending on user’s weight.
Timer Switch:  five buttons, each indicated by a green LED:  off, 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes.  Press any button at any time, to extend the duration or power off the motor.  During the final 30 seconds, the 5-minute LED blinks until power down.  Power cord length between motor and timer switch is approximately 5 feet.
Safety:  the motor’s vibrating device is fully surrounded, to prevent any contact.
Warranty:  1-year warranty on the motor.  5-year warranty on most other parts.

$1,349 shipped

(contact for international orders)